Software solutions for applications and appliances                      

odeFX is a small software development house whose mission is to write clean, compact, maintainable code in assembly, C, C++ and Java. Located in San Diego, California, CodeFX builds software products and offers contracting services for desktop and embedded applications.

Currently, CodeFX is hard at work finishing up the eCIFS product, a client implementation of the Common Internet File System. CodeFX is the first company to offer a commercial CIFS client, and we're confident that this software has a place in many next-generation consumer electronic devices.

The 21st century is promising to be round two of the information age, and CodeFX plans to come out swinging. Multiple new product offerings are currently in the works, and CodeFX will be updating the products page often to reflect our new software packages as they are released. Please check back with us soon, and if any questions arise, feel free to email

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